Tuesday, July 31

Morning sickness has finally left......

OK well for the most part its left. I am feeling much better that I was at the start of this pregnancy. I now only get sick if I eat too much or if I eat way too late and then try to go to bed with a full tummy.

I am getting big, but then they say you show more with each pregnancy, so I guess this means I will be uncomfortable for a longer period of time than most. I will have my next appointment on the 2nd of August with the doctor in town. I know we will get to have another ultrasound so we will see how things are going inside.

Tori's 4th Birthday

Tori and her cake. She wanted a unicorn theme birthday and also requested it be purple. I found the perfect unicorn (purple) theme party in a book called birthday express.

Tori and her gifts. We had family in town that weekend. The came out 3 days prior and left the next day to spend time in San Antonio, since they have never seen the Almo and the River Walk.

Tori again with her opening her gifts.

Friday, July 6

1st Baby appt.

We had our first appt. yesterday to see the little one and got to see the heart beating. We were very happy about that since the last baby that we lost we never got to see a heartbeat. We have a due date of Feb. 22, 2008 according to the ultrasound. So that means a winter baby!

Its so funny, we just got rid of a bunch of baby things a few months ago at a yard sale thinking that we would not be getting pregnant again for a while and did not need them any time soon. Now i am wishing that I did not sale the items because we will have to re-buy it all again.

We do not have family that buys all that type of stuff for us, so we end up getting it all our self, so now we are kicking our self in the butt for it!

Our next appt. will be in 4 weeks on Aug. 2, 2007!!